North Charleston Sewer District

Grease Traps


Oil Recycling Program and Bin Locations

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Forms & Documents


The Charleston Area DHEC Authorized Haulers PDF Document includes address and telephone numbers of Charleston Area Companies approved by DHEC.  The Best Management Plan Form, Grease Trap/Interceptor Cleaning/Disposal Log Form and Grease Trap/Interceptor Inspection Log Form are all Fill-in-the-Blank PDF Documents that can also be digitally signed.  They are each available by clicking on the Adobe PDF Icon.

When completed, forms may be mailed, faxed (843-764-2659), or emailed ( to the North Charleston Sewer District, PO Box 63009, North Charleston, SC 29419.  Forms may also be hand-delivered to our Administrative Offices located at 7225 Stall RD, North Charleston, SC 29406

Fats, Oils, Grease (FOG) Initiative Restaurants PowerPoint Presentation (2MB)

Charleston Area DHEC Authorized Haulers (248KB PDF) 
Best Management Plan (BMP) (266KB PDF) 
Grease Trap/Interceptor Cleaning/Disposal Log (112KB PDF)
Grease Trap/Interceptor Inspection Log (283KB PDF)

You must have the lastest Adobe Reader to view these PDFs...You can download it here
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