North Charleston Sewer District

Engineering Design Detail (PDF)

Force Main System

Cover Page

Air Release Valve

Tracer Wire & Mag Tape

Jack & Bore Steel Casing

Vertical Offset

Gravity Main System

Cover Page

std Precast SSMH

std Shallow SSMH

std Inside Drop SSMH

std SSMH Connection

Doghouse SSMH

Gravity WW Trench Sctn

Gravity WW Road Cut

Shallow Sewer Svc Detail

Deep Sewer Svc Construction Detail

Cleanout Detail f-Swr Svc

Std Manhole Frame & Cover

Manhole Joint Dtl

Manhole Invert Boot Dtl

Manhole Channel & Bench Dtls

Sewer Crossing Over-Under Existing Pipe

1000 Gal Grease Trap

1500 Gal Grease Trap

Pump Station Systems

Cover Page

Place Holder

Pump Sta & Site

Fencing for Pump Sta & Facilities

Place Holder

Pump Sta Site Plan

Emergency Notification Sign Detail

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