North Charleston Sewer District


Today's North Charleston Sewer District was originally established in 1972 by an Act of the South Carolina General Assembly. Previously, wastewater collection and treatment in the North Area were accomplished by a consolidated public service district. Now operating under a nine-member Commission, the District is committed to ", operation, maintenance and enlargement of...sewers and sewage treatment and disposal...necessary to protect the health of those living in the District, and to provide for the collection, treatment and disposal of sewage and industrial effluent."

Current Statistics

Population Served: (2010): 115,495

Customers: 27,929 households, 39 industrial, and 3 others

Service area: 59.3 sq miles

Employees: 109

Gross revenues (FY-2011): $23,164,381

Plant capacity: 27 million gpd

Miles of Transportation: 448

Number of pump stations: 61

Average daily flow (2010): 14.93 million gallons

Waste water treatment plants: 1 -  Felix C. Davis Plant

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